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Telehealth Physical Therapy

Therapeutic By Design Physical Therapy Clinic utilizes HIPAA compliant technology to ensure your privacy is secure. Each online session is completely private and confidential. To access the visit, all you need is internet access and a front facing webcam using a computer or smartphone. A common misconception of physical therapy is that it must involve hands-on treatment. However, hands-on treatment is only one of many tools available to a therapist in diagnosing and treating an injury or chronic condition.

For your evaluation, you will have a face-to-face video conversation about your issue with the therapist similar to how you would interview in the clinic. You will be asked by the therapist to go through a series of movements and tests for a comprehensive examination.  After the evaluation, you will be issued a home program to follow. Follow up appointments are scheduled as needed. You are able to communicate with your therapist through secure messaging whenever you need while under our care. Research shows outcomes are enhanced through online consultation.

Similar means of HIPAA compliant and secure technology is utilized for consultations and screenings, online exercise programs and online therapy treatment sessions.

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